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Hi I’m Abby the Mongrel

I was rescued by Exclusively Mongrels from AVA (now AVS) and shortly thereafter, I was adopted by Mumsie on 11th Oct 2017. I’ve never looked back since!

Mumsie had her first dog – Jazzy 15 years ago. For a while, Jazzy had always been grappling with skin issues. Apparently this is a common problem for dogs in Singapore. Ever since Mumsie started preparing homemade food and snacks, her skin improved quite a bit to the extent even Mumsie’s friends asked for her ‘secret’ recipes! Suffice to say, all my friends love Mumsie’s snacks!

Today with me, she has decided to take the first step to start a passion business she has always dreamt of – dogs-related. Delicious yet health snacks for all the dogs. Me and Mumsie are such foodies!

Mumsie prides herself to make only quality snacks albeit a very tiring process. Despite taking 12-36 hours each batch (time varies for different snacks) for the entire process, it is therapeutic for Mumsie because she knows all this is worth her time. From selection of every piece of meat to the packing, Mumsie ensures that every piece of snack is safe and delicious!

I hope you will love the snacks as much as I do. This is only the start for Mumsie, walk this journey with us and I pawmise we will create even more exciting recipes down the road!

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